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Do you know what I love about the Halton Real Estate Investors Group? Every single one of us investors comes to these meetings to do something we love, to share, learn, be around excellent people who raise us up, and to inspire one another. The knowledge and experience is local to Halton and surrounding areas so we may focus and be experts. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world, in fact the fun part is figuring out all the ways to improve our investment businesses, from learning new neighbourhoods, to different strategies for investment, or tips to attract that perfect tenant. The best part is, this helps our investment businesses grow and we have been successful in growing, many attendees are doing very well having improved their net worth SIX or SEVEN figures and enough cash flow to retire early. The average net worth of the people you spend the most time with is your net worth, would you like to spend more time with folks who love to share and are rich? Then you will want to attend our live, in person, networking meetings.

This Is The Best Place To Meet People Who Are Successful In Real Estate Investing and Can Help You!

Whether you are just starting your journey, have been investing for a few years, or are a well seasoned real estate investor the Halton Real Estate Investors Group has many benefits for you.

Hosted by: Erwin "Mr Hamilton" Szeto

I (Erwin) quit my tech product management job at "Big Blue" back in 2010. It was a great job, my boss gave me plenty of space to operate, I was allowed to be creative, my work was respected but I was getting sick of the commute and I was making more money in real estate than at work and I was enjoying the freedom it was providing me. Since 2006, I had been dabbling in real estate investing to get ahead in life as my stock investments and job income just were not doing it. I started networking, joined some organized networking/education companies and learned how to make real estate a predictable, repeatable business to provide me income in my sleep.

While transitioning out of corporate and because I could not find a real estate agent who was a sophisticated investors who understood cash flow investing, I got licensed to trade, my friends found out and wanted in. I've always been an entrepreneur at heart which is why I graduated from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, and a hard worked which has resulted in some recognition for the work my team and I have accomplished.

• TWO time finalist & 2015 WINNER for Realtor of the Year for Ontario by the Real Estate Investment Network

• Three time finalist and back to back winner in 2016 and 2017 for Real Estate Agent of the Year by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

• FOUR time finalist for the Michael Millenaar Memorial Award, 2013 AND 2016 WINNER for his leadership and contribution to the Real Estate Investment Network community.

• 2016 Top 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award (http://businesslinkhamilton.com/40under40/index.php). Erwin is one of the 40 individuals under 40 years of age who consistently makes his mark in business and contributes regularly to the respective community as awarded by the Business Link Media Group

• Silver award recipient by the Real Estate Investment Network

• 2013’s Top Player Award by the Real Estate Investment Network

• Regular contributor to REIN™ Real Estate Report and Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

• Regular expert guest host on Rogers TV on the subjects of Hamilton, real estate investing, rent-to-own, student rentals:

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Erwin's Networking Meeting - [New MISSISSAUGA Location] 2019 - Your BEST YEAR!!

Sheridan College - Hazel McCallion Campus


Tickets are currently SOLD OUT! You can join the wait-list here: https://goo.gl/WStwWj Let's kick off 2019 with a BANG !! I love learning and networking!!!!!!!!!!! The better the learning and higher level networking the better, so my promise to you is to put together the best events full of real estate entrepreneurs with ethics, integrity, and who are BALLING!! Our last two events were two of the highest net worth rooms I've ever put together and been in. The energy in the room was electric: good people who want more out of life and pushing themselves to be more for their families and communities. An hour into the lunch service, Michael Richter was still standing there with an empty plate. He was so busy networking and learning he'd somehow forgotten to eat. This will be a paid event as we have to rent a room (no dinner though), AV equipment, labour to operate the AV equipment, the event planner, parking, etc etc.... Our keynote speakers are currently building two houses from the ground up on a lot they already own and had severed. Basically they got free land, so the returns are quite significant, especially the cash flow once the basements are legally suited. Two houses >> four units, brand new. This is an ideal strategy for investors new to developing and we are very lucky to have Charles Wah and Andy Tran to share how they are doing it. Do you get a lot of questions from non investors about the timing of our investing? e.g. "Is now a good time to invest?" Well, I've been working on this book for ages and will share for the first time my chapter on my decision model for real estate investors to analyze the FIVE key factors in determining the decision to invest or not. Is it time to buy, hold, or sell? My model will help guide you in your decision. Again, my commitment to you is to put together a room full of action takers, the most successful people I know, and bring together communities from different education companies under one roof, in one room. Already RSVP'd for this meeting are many of the most successful folks in our community: - Brian Pulis of Pulis Investments - Apartment Building Experts - Susan White, Millionaire Mom who's personally owned 70+ properties - Tahani, like Madonna she only needs one name. From single mom refugee to mega multimillionairess, real estate developer and she just gave a TEDx talk on overcoming obstacles - Matt McKeever - his real estate channel on Youtube has over 14,000 subscribers, CA turned full time investor - Luke Wywrot - a successful builder/developer having completed several low rise projects now moving into high rise condos - Aaron Moore - long-time successful wholesaler, Americans call him the "Canadian Wholesaler" ... and many many more award winning investors from CREW magazine and REIN, plus folks you've heard on my podcast. - - - We don't necessarily want a massive group and seating is limited! Fewer than 20 seats remain. To attend, please purchase a ticket here: https://goo.gl/WStwWj And please make note of the new MISSISSAUGA location. - - - What Past Attendees are saying: Jeff Wybo - Thanks Erwin Szeto this was Fantastic!! Great day !! Don R Campbell - Thank you very much for the wonderful lunch and visit. So great seeing so many people out. Charles Chuck Reynolds - When over 60 like minded Real Estate Investors connect and share, there is an energy that lifts everyone. Thanks Erwin Szeto and all the other investors at lunch today. Anna Scott - Great energy here yesterday at Erwin's Social with Don Campbell and other #REIN members! Can only imagine the combined net worth of the investors in that room!

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How An Investor & Dad Took Care of His Family w/ Stock Options & Private Lending

Sheridan College Conference Centre


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