Data Science Meetup Hamburg

Hamburg Data Science Meetup
Hamburg Data Science Meetup
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=== Doors open @ 6:30 ===

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=== Talk 1 ===

Data Story Telling by Simon Nehls, Senior Consultant Data Science

Data Story Telling We are getting better in every aspect of data science. We are automatizing feature engineering, we are constantly improving model performance, etc.... However, if it comes to talking about all this, we seem to be stuck in an early stage! Data Story Telling might be a solution. It can help us to clearly communicate our objectives and explain our results 😉 This short primer will show a few basic elements of a good data story.

=== Talk 2 ===

Deduplication of Images from Social Media Sources by Stefan Schadwinkel, Senior Data Engineer @Jimdo

This talk will focus on practical issues when pooling user images from different social media sources:
Users might have uploaded the same image to multiple providers. We will look at challenges that particularly arise from that setting in comparison to more classical use cases like searching for copyright infringement. To tackle those challenges, we will look at different image processing methods and ways to solve the task in computationally efficient ways. And yes: there's data science!

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