Data Science Meetup Hamburg

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=== Talk 1 ===

Marc Päpper Machine Learning Engineer on "Help Pacman beat the ghosts with deep Q learning"

Did you ever want to defeat a computer game by only watching the screen? You can using a software agent!

However, the challenge is this: given only the image pixels of the computer screen, the agent needs to figure out how to optimally play the game.

In this talk I will lead you in-depth and step by step through the deep Q learning algorithm which uses neural networks to learn a Q policy which represents the optimal action given the current situation.

The talk will feature code samples in Python and put all the pieces together in a live demo showing an agent learning to master a game.

=== Talk 2 ===

"Data hacking, from fast prototyping to production systems in order personalize Jimdo websites" by Michael Schneider Data Scientist @Jimdo

A tool stack overview + hands on data tipps on building non blocking and near real time data products in Kotlin in order to personalize websites at Jimdo. From data sourcing using apache drill to rapid prototyping, addressing the importance of machine learning evaluation, production problems and finally a/b testing with live users. Embracing the data driven culture of learning and failing fast.

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