Data Science Meetup Hamburg

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Moritz from MindPeak about Deep Learning for Digital Pathology

=== Talk 2 ===

Boris Pyakillya
Guest Researcher, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Senior Data Scientist, Center of Financial Technologies

"Multi-agent Reinforcement learning: past, current, future"

Multi-agent Reinforcement learning (MARL) is a very hot topic now, where current AI well-known companies (DeepMind, OpenAI) and numerous research groups worldwide try to suppress human performance in the very complicated environments, like DOTA and Starcraft, where there is a competition between AI agents and human players. The task is hard by many reasons, some of them are coordination between AI agents inside the group and how not to fall into local agent's group behavior and forget about long-term goals. There are many methods to deal with this, and every one has its own advantages and disadvantages. I want to shed some light on these issues and to talk about how it started, how it goes and how it will go.

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