Neuntes Hamburg Web Performance Meetup

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Raj Dudi - "PhantomJS" & Arbo von Monkiewitsch - "SoundCloud"

Arbo von Monkiewitsch - SoundCloud

SoundCloud delivers an HTML5 audio playback widget that is embedded in millions of websites across the internet. Learn how we organized our teams to bring operations specialists closer to web specialists to improve availability, performance and over-all user experience. Of course, such improvements need to be measured. Once our measurement goals were identified, the metrics of the YouTube widget were compared to the SoundCloud widget to gain more insight in global performance from synthetic and real-user measurements. By starting with a baseline of another popular media delivery widget, we could tune our measuring technique along side our delivery. Learn what techniques were used and what insight we gained.

Raj Dudi - PhantomJS

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit packaged as a JavaScript-driven tool. It can be used in command-line utilities which requires web stack, or even as the basis for testing rich web application. It uses WebKit in a headless mode, so you get access to the real native and fast implementation (not a simulated environment) of various standards such as DOM, CSS selector, Canvas, SVG, and many others. It is an optimal solution for website testing, screen capture, page automation and network monitoring.