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EarthDiverse is pleased to announce its Term 4 dates for its three Hindi Language courses designed for:

• introductory learners,

• those who do not read, write or speak Hindi,

• children (teens & adults) of migrants who wish to learn to read, write and speak their Heritage Language,

• Pākehā learners who wish to better engage with native speakers.

Our Term 4 courses are offered at three distinct levels:

• Hindi 102: Introductory Hindi for beginning students (Thursdays 4:00-5:30pm)

• Hindi 104: Introductory Hindi for continuing students (Fridays 6:00-7:30pm)

• Hindi 202: Intermediate Hindi for continuing students (Fridays 4:00-5:30pm)

Our Introductory Hindi 101 language course begins with a focus on learning the Devanāgarī (देवनागरी) script and basic conversation and vocabulary. Subsequent Terms at both the Introductory (100 Level) and Intermediate (200) levels reinforce both reading and writing, and focus on grammar, conversation and vocabulary.

If you are already somewhat familiar with the Devanāgarī script you are welcome to join one of our continuing classes. We've also added a separate class for the teaching of Urdu (which includes learning the Nastaliq Urdu script).

All Term 4 2020 classes begin the week of Monday 19 October 2020 and run consecutively for 8 weeks.

A Hindi textbook prepared by the Instructor is included in the course fees.

Classes are taught by Todd Nachowitz, PhD, who has been studying Hindi and Urdu since 1978, and has lived and worked in India and Pakistan during the 1980s and 1990s. Todd has taught Hindi and Urdu at both Syracuse University in upstate New York and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States, as well as for the University of California-Berkeley while he was Field Director of the Berkley Urdu Language Programme (BULPIP) in Lahore, Pakistan.

Cost per person per Term (8 classes):
Waged: $104 (includes $4 online registration fee)
Unwaged (unemployed, students, seniors): $84 (includes $4 online registration fee)

At EarthDiverse, we believe that language is culture, and there is no true understanding of other cultures unless we make an effort to learn non-English languages. If we truly wish to engage with others we must begin to learn some of the other spoken languages and written alphabets of our diverse earth. We have the capacity!

Language learning can be fun and engaging, and is a great way to exercise our brains.

Distance-learning options are available for all of our Hindi courses.

For additional details, cost and registration information, as well as information on our other language, religious diversity, history and mythology courses, please visit

www.earthdiverse.org.nz/classes/ (http://www.earthdiverse.org.nz/classes/language/)

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