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Natural Walking Group Practice
If you have attended the level 1 workshop you are welcome to join our free weekly practice on Tuesdays at 8 pm. To find out more about the workshops and about Secrets of Natural Walking read the info in the "About us" section, have a look at the Discussion Board or visit

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What we're about

We're a bunch of happy walkers who love walking.

Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) is a uniquely effective and holistic approach to health and well-being which naturally benefits the body, mind and heart.

When we know how to take proper steps, we allow our body’s natural and beneficial functions to be activated, benefitting us mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically. Through SONW, we learn how to walk naturally, using all the muscles in the body, activating the meridian and reflexology zones, connected to the earth and opening the spiritual heart with every step.

SONW can help you optimize your walking. Our bodies were specially designed with countless healing capabilities, yet due to the improper way we walk and use our bodies, and sometimes bad posture, these natural healing functions are either inactive or not fully maximized.

Walking is so simple and something we all do many times a day, yet few of us walk properly. Over time, we pick up bad habits which make the way we walk not only less efficient, but possibly detrimental to our physical health and emotional well-being. By learning the Secrets of Natural Walking, each step in our daily life becomes a beautiful opportunity to improve the condition of our whole being,


- Significantly reduced bone, joint and nerve pain

- Improved posture and related conditions like hunched back and scoliosis

- Improved digestion, metabolism and weight loss

- Body more toned and proportional in size

- Improved energy levels and clarity of mind

- Improved the quality of sleep and the ability of our body to heal itself naturally

- Calmer mind, elevated mood and improved sleep quality

The secrets of natural walking journey starts with a one day workshop The interactive one-day workshop teaches all the skills required to recruit all the correct muscles, walk straighter and taller, activate the body's natural healing abilities and open the spiritual heart, so every step becomes a way to shape, tone, heal and calm the body.

See our calendar for upcoming Hamilton workshops and workshops around NZ.

Our weekly MeetUps are for people who have attended the SONW Level 1 workshop.

Our local Secrets of Natural Walking club meets regularly, allowing students to take their walking to the next level and practice in a group setting with a qualified instructor to get the best results. It is a prerequisite of joining the Natural Walking club that you join the workshop first. Please see our calendar, or for more information please email Thanks!

“Walking is man’s best medicine” ~ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

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