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Are you a spiritual adventurer?

Meet with people of all different backgrounds who share a passion for spirituality—who seek to have actual spiritual experiences, such as lucid or significant dreams, out-of-body travel, past-life recall, and encounters with spiritual guides—and to grow from these experiences to bring more meaning, purpose and joy to daily life.

Come share your spiritual experiences—or your desire to have them—in an open, friendly setting where no one is pushing their beliefs on anyone else. We'll discuss what these experiences mean to us and share techniques we use to explore our inner worlds.

Join us to connect with other like-minded Souls and learn new techniques for expanding your spiritual horizons. We offer informal spiritual discussions, workshops and other events that will help you to find community and enhance your spiritual side.

Our goals are to help our members gain validation for their spiritual experiences, attain a deeper understanding of these experiences, and find new and advanced ways of exploring their inner worlds.

Our topics will include:

*Meditation and Contemplation

*Astral Projection and Soul Travel

*Finding Your Purpose

*Letting Go of Fears

*Creating Your Reality with the Spiritual Laws of Life

*Accessing Your Own Inner Wisdom

*Spiritual Growth and Transformation

*Angels, Masters, and Inner Guide

*How Past Lives Affect Us Today

*Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships, and many more, depending on the interests of the group.

There is never a cost for coming to and participating in our group meetings--just come and enjoy!

Sponsored by members of Eckankar as a community service. Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching that helps people to make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their life.

Eckankar Ontario website: http://eckankar.ca/Hamilton

Eckankar worldwide: http://eckankar.org

Upcoming events (1)

ECKANKAR - Ancient Wisdom for Today - Session 1 - What is Eckankar? via Zoom

is available here as a free download.

Experience God for Yourself ・ Eckankar Has Ancient Roots • There Is Always a Living ECK Master • Paul Twitchell Introduced Eckankar in 1965 • The Mission of the Living ECK Master Is to Help People Find Their Way Back to God • The Message of ECK Is neither Orthodox nor Evangelical • What Are ECKists Like?・Defining Eckankar

Upcoming Sessions:
2-Soul Travel
6-The God Worlds of ECK
8-The ECK-Vidya (Ancient Science of Prophecy)
9-Solving Problems
11-The ECK Masters
12-The Play of Soul

“A cornerstone of Eckankar is the value of personal experience. Reading a book or listening to a friend, will give you only a small understanding of the spiritual worlds and your role in them.

"To master your life you must apply self-discipline and have a true desire to experience God for yourself. Your experience with the spiritual Light and Sound of God will enrich your life and help you put daily problems into loving perspective.”
-Harold Klemp, Ancient Wisdom for Today, p. 3

Are you ready to discover timeless wisdom that can unlock the secret to your Divine spiritual destiny? This 12-session series, based on the book ECKANKAR Ancient Wisdom for Today by Harold Klemp, (available as a free download) provides an opportunity to explore and discuss a variety of spiritually relevant topics, from an Eckankar perspective, which will demonstrate how you can incorporate timeless ancient wisdom into your unique spiritual journey, to advance in the direction of Self- and God-realization. There is no greater adventure in life.

is available here as a free download.

Acquiring a copy will facilitate your appreciation of and participation in this discussion series. Attend any or all sessions. There is no charge. Donations are gratefully accepted and appreciated.

This discussion is followed at 11 a.m. by a spiritual exercise experience - The Sound of Soul, which introduces guests to a universal spiritual technique for establishing and maintaining a vital connection with the ECK or the Life Force. You are cordially invited to stay after the spiritual discussion to share this sacred practice.

You can also download the free HU app here:

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hu-experience-the-god-sound/id1043328078?ls=1&mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devatelier.hu

This meetup is free. Voluntary e-transfer donations are gratefully accepted. Please talk to the facilitator for details if interested.

More information is available at eckankar.org

*INTERNATIONAL GUESTS, PLEASE NOTE: This event is not intended for anyone who is barred by the laws of their country from attending. Please follow the laws of your home country.

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Sponsored by Eckankar—The Path of Spiritual Freedom

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