I have 1 unicycle that I havn't road in a while thats why its practice only. If you have one bring it , if not practice on mine. we will practice along the folsom bridge holding on with one hand so we (I) dont fall down. I can not ride with no hands yet, thats why it's practice....for us. if I don't post it I wont do it. So if this is something "you" know how to do come on out and give some pointers or just show up and watch us look like #%@&

Oh, I'll also be bringing some juggleing balls that we can use as well. One rider can juggle and one can ride or both at the same time. Now I know how to juggle not a problem. But if you need to go one YOUTUBE and watch 4 to 5, videoes it will keep down our frustation or go have a drink after our ride.hay it's TGIF

clothing: (1) a pair of gloves for the bridge

(2) a solid pair of shoes ..the soles. the pedals are sharp for gripping

(3) as always we wear a helmet

let me know in the comments section below if your bringing a unicycle and juggleing balls. Hay you might have a neighbor who has a unicycle, so see if you can borrow it for an hour or two. this is gonna be fun in the sun and get ready to laugh...alot.

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