So I would like to start posting this training(practice) again cause it gets me closer to riding with no hands. I've been trying to concer this for 2 years now and I'm at 98% there. no stopping now. So I have 2 uni's a 24" and a 20" meaning someone that's 5"6" can ride or 6"5" can ride the seat post goes way up or down.

I would like to ride up top where the guard rail is cause it goes from the stoplight to the top of the bridge which is 1000ft of riding at 2% grade. I found it better to practice on a grade more than the flat. this ride will be just before Our thurs. evening ride so that way we can do both rides. please bring your helmet, Flatt solid shoes and gloves for the bridge gets hot when holding on to it. Oh its getting warmer now so bring plenty of water. so with that said lets ride. I'll be parked by the entrance when you drive in. if you have a uni, dust it off and bring it. the more the merrier

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