Miskatonic Pet Carrier: Weekend Haunted Prop Animatronic Workshop

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Hammerspace Community Workshop and Makerspace
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Calling all Halloween Horror Fanatics: This annual weekend long event is not to be missed. This year we are building durable animatronic pet carriers for your Lovcraftian Tentacle Monsters(TM). Day one will cover the fabrication of a skeletal structure, sewing and upholstering a latex and suctioncup covered hide for your tentacle. This Prop can be puppeteered by hand by the end of day one.

Day two will cover the fabrication of a motorized enclosure to contain your monster and animate it and give it a variety of cries and growls and glowing eyes. We will learn how to use traditional analog relays and remote controls to take control of your creation or how to use motion sensors to trigger your jump scare.

No microcontrollers, arduinos or programming is required.

The parts you will be provided with in class to build this prop can be re-purposed or duplicated to animate many future props.