Blacksmithing - Medieval Basket Torch (2-Day Class)


This is a two day blacksmithing class, beginning at noon. Each session will be about 3 hours, depending on how much progress is made.

In this class we will be doing some basic ornamental blacksmithing to produce a portable medieval basket torch. We will be learning to make repeatable parts using the forge, anvils, tongs, hammers and various bending and shaping tools. We will be cheating a tiny bit and employing the MIG welder in the place of traditional hot rivets, and the angle grinders in the place of a foot powered grind stone. We will also be making a steel scrollwork sconce to hold your torch on a wall or post. You may also simply make your torch taller for use as a garden torch.

This real steel torch COULD be used with a source of fire, but this class includes a rechargable, battery operated simulated flame... with remote control. Like a wizard.

This is a BLACKSMITHING class, so wear closed toe shoes, and expect to work in a hot environment. Our masking rules are still in effect, so please wear a mask that you will be able to work in. We have broken this class into two days in order to make it less demanding and hot, but we are not in any hurry, and we can always take breaks as necessary.

Bring some water.

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