What we're about

This group intends to be a place to discuss and form community around Spirituality and Intuitive-based living for those in the Hammond and surrounding areas.

We'll talk and share about topics such as:
* Spiritualism
* Intuition/Clairvoyance
* Mediumship/Spirit communication
* Kirtan/Mantra
* Oracle cards/Intuitive divination
* Angels/Spirit guides
* Ascension/Ascended Masters
* Animal communication
* Lightworking/energy work
* Prayer and Meditation; etc.

This group might be good for you if:

* You consider yourself "spiritual but not religious" with a deep reverence for earth/nature and have had trouble finding local community
* You experience things like premonition, predictive dreams, or other psychic phenomena that you feel uncomfortable talking about in other spaces
* You have experience in lightworking or "the clairs" (clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc.) and are looking to connect with those called to similar paths

Upcoming events (1)

Spirituality and Intuition: How did you arrive here?

Welcome everyone! It feels appropriate that this first Meetup be about how and why we ended up as "spiritualists" in the first place. Let's cool off indoors and discuss: _____ Has spiritualism always been part of your family's culture, or was it something you were called to later? _____ Did religion ever play a role? Or, was talk of the soul completely absent? How did those things impact you becoming "spiritual but not religious"? _____ Have you circled back around to your original religion, able to view it with new eyes, or does it no longer hold any place at your spirituality table? _____ Do you feel pressured by a dichotomy between "spiritual life vs. worldly life"? Or do you see them as inextricably part of each other/the same? _____ Did you have a spiritual/extra-sensory/supernatural experience that changed the way you viewed the world, opening you up to there being "more out there"? _____ Where do you find your reverence for existence, now? Metaphysics? Earth/Nature? Art and Creation? All of the above? Come share with us! Let's listen to each other's stories and experiences, and learn about other beautiful ways of being in the world. We've got two hours worth of conversation points, plus an additional hour for anyone who still wants to stay and chat, so pull up a chair! We will meet inside the two-story PJ's Coffee House in Hammond on West University Avenue. They offer coffee, tea, smoothies, even gluten-free and vegan snack options most of the time, and parking is easy. The loft upstairs is reserved just for us. I'll be at the table with the lotus candle! Organizer Notes: _____ The venue was unable to reserve us a spot on the ground floor this time. If you cannot use the stairs, fret not--our next meeting will be able to offer accessible seating if needed! _____ I realize not everyone viewing this page feels comfortable joining the website/putting their info out there. Feel free to drop by regardless! However, remember that RSVPing will ensure you definitely have a place to sit. _____ Our meetup is still a baby, so the times we'll be using in the future aren't set in stone: Check the discussion section, where I've started a post for members to mention other time/dates they prefer, and I'll try to end up with a regular schedule that works for the most people. (This one is definitely meeting on Sunday, June 30th at 3pm, in Hammond.) _____ Be there to help choose our upcoming topic! I have tons of ideas. See you soon! - Viktoria

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