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Storytime 1000 (open until 12/31/17)

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Storytime 1000

This is a themed Saddlesore that is open till the end of 2017. If you are unfamiliar with the Iron Butt Association and what a Saddlesore is, please visit for more information and what kind of documentation is needed. Print out the ride documentation paperwork from and then follow the directions below.

Here are the basics: as with any SS1K, you will need to document a ride that is at least 1000 miles in under 24 hours. You should give yourself an extra cushion (I recommend 1020 miles) just in case your odometer is overly optimistic. However, this is not just any traditional SS1K.

This is a basic summary of what you need: 1 mascot, 3 statues/sculptures (1 villain, 1 henchman, 1 ally), 1 store/museum, 1 natural formation. Minimum of 5 stops and 7 photos.

For this ride, you will be telling a story with the following story elements:

1) Start verification: complete the top half of page 1 of your ride documentation and get your witness signature(s). This does not have to be where you start your actual ride.

2) Start receipt: take a photo of a good receipt (see for what a good receipt looks like) next to your odometer. This is your start receipt and will be the very first entry on your log sheet.

3) Protagonist(s): Give yourself a fancy name (e.g. Mad Bad Wolfe Bonham). If you have a passenger, they will need a fancy name as well.

4) Mascot: choose a stuffed toy or action figure to represent the rider. This mascot must be in every photo you take (except start, gas, and stop receipts). If you have a passenger, your passenger must be in every photo with the mascot.

5) Quest Item: this is an item that you need to obtain to conquer your foe (e.g. a suit of armor from a museum of medieval warfare, a cutlass from Baltimore Knife and Sword, a Ring of Animal Magnetism from a jewelry store). Again, give this a fancy name.

6) Ally: this is a sculpture or statue of someone who will assist you in your quest (e.g. a painted bear sculpture from Royersford, PA, statue of Superman in Metropolis, IL), and give it a fancy name.

7) Peril: this can be a sign to a natural formation of some sort (e.g. a waterfall, State Forest, Mount Washington). Fancy name again? Why yes, indeed.

8) Mini-Boss: this is a sculpture or statue of another villain you must defeat along the way (e.g. a dinosaur statue from Haddonfield, NJ, a statue of Bluto from Chester, IL). This will need a fancy name as well.

9) Antagonist: this must be a preferably menacing-looking statue/sculpture (e.g. the Dragon sculpture at Deals Gap, Miles the Monster at Dover Speedway in Delaware). The Antagonist is the villain of the story and should be the last story element. Give this a fancy name as well.

10) End receipt: take a picture of a good receipt next to your odometer. This will be the final entry on your log sheet.

11) End verification: complete the lower half of page 1 of your ride documentation and obtain your end witness signature(s).

Go to Google or Roadside America at ( to search for and locate story elements that fit the above criteria. Take a photo of each story element with your mascot (and passenger, if applicable) clearly visible in the frame, and then log it in your log sheet. Log ALL your stops, and take a photograph of each gas receipt. Mascot and passenger do not need to be present in any receipt photos.

If you need help with addresses, either refer to the address listed in Roadside America, or use your GPS to determine your exact location (I will accept coordinates as well in your log sheet). Be sure to complete your log sheet; don’t leave anything out or it will delay verification of your ride.

When your ride is completed, SCAN all your documentation (I will accept photographs of all your paperwork) and send it along with all your photos to [masked] ( so that I can verify your ride.

Upon successful verification of your Saddlesore, I will notify the Iron Butt Association and they will complete verification and processing (this could take several weeks so please be patient). You will then be mailed a unique specialty Saddlesore certificate (I will describe your ride in terms of the story it tells), an IBA plate backer, as well as decals. Passengers will get their own decals, but only 1 certificate and plate backer will be issued.

The fee is $65 for a rider and an additional $5 for a passenger. Click on this link to register and pay for the ride!

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