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Mufflerman 1000 Saddlesore

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This is a special saddlesore (at least 1000 miles in under 24 hours) event that you can do anytime (please ignore any "end by" dates - I don't have that much control over Meetup or Facebook event pages).

Please refer to this Iron Butt Association page for more information about Saddlesores.

You will have to follow all the same rules as in the link above for a Saddlesore ride (e.g. start and end receipts, gas receipts, witnesses) IN ADDITION to the following:
1. You will need to obtain a mascot - this will be an action figure, plush toy, doll, etc. You will need to have your mascot any time you take a picture of a Mufflerman.
2. You must take photos of at least 4 different Mufflermen in at least 4 different locations - your mascot must be in each photo. Go to to learn all you need to know about Mufflermen as well as find their locations. Contact me for pre-approval if you're not sure if something qualifies as an acceptable Mufflerman. You will have to submit your photos to me, and also log their location information (forms and etc. will be emailed to all registered riders).

Submit all your documentation to me for ride verification (my contact information will be provided to you in an email with all the forms you'll need after you register).

Register at Ride Master:
Fee: $60 per bike (this includes your special saddlesore certificate, decals, and IBA plate backer)

Facebook event page:

Meetup event page: