LongER exposures at Sandy Point

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============== Ive now closed this event - its a very complex and tricky event so need to limit numbers. Also there is some preinformation which needs to be sent out way before time. So to avoid playing catchup all the time, its now closed and will not open again. Sorry! ================

This is an on location mentoring session. Its designed to be fun and not so formal as that sounds ...... for up to six people, the day starts with a challenge, followed by 1:1 mentoring and ending up at a local hostelry to relax and show off any soopah pix you may have captured! More details below :)

Most of you will be thinking long exposures of thirty seconds or so.
Well, if so you are a third the way there; there are three or four shutter speeds which influence the look and feel of your images. Indeed long exposures with fluffy white seas is one of them.

But there are others .......

Sandy Point is the ideal location for this type of photography, if the weather is or has been right you will get the opportunity to practice all four types of exposure. It has all the geographical features you need to use different exposure durations to their full effect. If the weather is kind that is. And if its not we will still be able to explore three of them and understand the fourth.

To join this session you dont have to have ND filters, but you will definitely find yourself at a disadvantage if you dont. Which in turn really means that you need a dslr so that you can use filters.

Which ones do you need? I use two ND filters, and they cover all eventualities. They are namely a six stop and a ten stop filter. I use square NDs but circular ones are almost as good, and have the advantage of being relatively cheap. The only trouble is that the quality tends to be very hit and miss.

SO - Sandy Point at Hayling Island is a great place for such photography, and we will meet up in at the entrance to a lane which runs to the beach. Park up in Southwood Road near the junction of it and Bosmere Road. A postcode of PO11 9PZ will get you around 100 metres short of the junction. The entrance to the beach is opposite Bosmere Road. Meet there for a start time of 17.45

Low water is at 18.52, which means we have time for a briefing about the application of filters before setting off with a challenge/exercise along those lines. I'll then catch each of you up during the evening to guide, give tips and help you before we all settle down to put into practice what we have learned both prior to and at sunset at 20.08

We'll meet up at 20.45 at Lily Bar (postcode PO11 9RD) for a relaxed drink, a social chat and to show off your images. Bring your camera with your images in it to review what you have learned during the day with your peers, its also an opportunity to ask more about filters, or indeed anything else photographic :)

Just about the only reason to cancel the event is if there is a reasonable chance of rain. I will get a very good idea two-three days ahead of the event and cancel, if appropriate, at that point. If I cancel I will offer refunds :)

Who is this for? Its really for those with DSLRs and who own or have just acquired one or two ND filters. It will be useful if these are new to you and you wish to find out how to use them. The session will also be of use to you if you are familiar with NDs but wish to understand the finer secrets they can unlock.

My phone number in case you get lost (it happens!) is[masked].

Bring warmer clothes than you think necessary - at the coast its often cooler and even a moderate wind will chill you ..... and bring wellies!!!

Any other questions, fire away in the comments section! Andy :)