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East & West - at the same time, Back & Forward - in Time - It's GREENWICH!....

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GREENWICH ......but there's MORE - from the beautiful C17 and C18 architecture to the modern sky reaching architecture - we're also going to Canary Wharf!.....but there's MORE - wer're also going for a boat ride on the Thames.

This is one of those DON'T MISS occasions.

We're off to London again but this time we're going east (and west) to Greenwich where at the meridian one really can stand in the east and west at the same time. It is also the place where GMT was devised so time changes forwards and back from this point.

Greenwich - with all its royal connections, Cutty Sark, architecture and beautiful parkland - we'll see the lot. Not only Greenwich though but we're also going to walk under the Thames and visit Canary Wharf. If all that doesn't get the tail wagging how about starting with a boat ride......

So we'll meetup at Waterloo station at the usual place at 10.30am and aim to leave 10.45 sharp to catch the 11.28 river bus from the London Eye to Greenwich - voyage takes about 35mins.

For those who don't have sea legs and want to meet up in Greenwich we will gather at 12.15 outside the entrance to the Cutty Sark and move off at 12.30.

Once we set off we'll enter the gardens of the Royal Naval College. (The Royal Naval College originally was the Palace of Placentia, built in 1447 and was the birthplace of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. It was demolished in C17 and replaced by the Royal Hospital for Seamen in 1694 - this was akin to Les Invalides in Paris and the Royal Hospital, Chelsea - the invalided seamen wore blue uniforms, similar to the red ones seen in Chelsea. It closed in 1869 and in 1873 was used as a training college for the Royal Navy and finally closed in 1998.) We'll then turn into the National Maritime museum gardens to take in the Queen's House and then we'll walk the Royal Greenwich Park and up to the Royal Observatory and the 0 degree longitude meridian where you can have one foot in the east and one in the west. The views from here and from the Gen. James Woolf statue over London are spectacular.

Once we are done there we can grab a bite and drink in the Pavilion Tea House, or if you prefer we can wander down where there are great pubs. We can

go past the church of St Alfrege before once again passing the Cutty Sark before we go underground - we'll walk the 1/4 mile foot tunnel under the Thames to the Island gardens on the Isle of Dogs. From here there are magnificent views south of the architectural landscape that makes up Greenwich - a photographer's dream.

We now have a choice, depending on time and energy to either walk (40 mins) or catch the DLR to Canary Wharf. here with a slight difference - ever upwards - and a chance to capture pictures of the sights around Canada Square - especially No1 - one of the iconic building of London's skyline.

By this time it should be 4 o'clock-ish and I suspect we'll be a bit foot sore - so time for a pint or home.

Useful guide to Greenwich here:


1) For those who want to travel on the boat, we'll meet at Waterloo as above at 10.30am, leaving sharp at 10.45am for the pier. For those who want to skip this - we'll meet at the entrance to the Cutty Sark at 12.15 and leaving there at 12.30. Please post a message as to where you want to join the meetup.

2) Once on the Isle of Dogs do we walk or catch the DLR to Canary Wharf - I'm happy to vote on this at the time.


1) £1 meetup fee which will go to the Organizer who pays the 6 monthly fee to rent this site.

2) Train tickets to Waterloo and or Greenwich - I would suggest for those going on the boat - get a Travelcard as this gives a 33% discount on the boat fare.

3) £6 boat fare (£4 if have a Travelcard - £5.40 if you have an oyster card)


1) A picture of the Thames - something to do with the river.

2) Greenwich - architecture, landscape.

3) Canary Wharf - it would be good to contrast architecture here with that of Greenwich - black and white might look good here.


If you have an SLR bring a wide angle lens if you have one. A standard prime (50mm) lens will be useful too. A low ISO to reduce 'noise' in the picture. Aperture - well small (f11-22) if you want a large depth of field to keep both distant and near objects in focus, or a wide aperture (f1.8-f4) if you want the opposite, to selectively focus on something and throw other objects nearer or further out of focus. Shutter speed depends on aperture - not so important here.

When taking shots keep your eyes open for something different to all other pictures - there are thousands of pics of Greenwich on the web and on postcards - try to get something different - again think of viewpoint - high, low, think how you frame the picture - remember rule of thirds, and also remember that landscape shots can be boring if they just include distant objects, so try to include something in the foreground to balance the shot and to give a sense of depth and perspective. (NB remember aperture and depth of field).

Please bring water and high factor sunscreen and a hat if sunny.

Hopefully this will be a nice warm sunny day but if the weather is not so good we will still go ahead unless it looks like constant rain. Please ensure that if you RSVP YES that you do come or please change RSVP to NO - then we know whether to wait for people or not. I'll send you my mobile number nearer the time in case people are late or get lost.


This is the link to the route - please click, read and print and bring it with you - print just before the meetup as I may change it or add bits.

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