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Just because we're super pale and never see the sun, doesn't mean we don't want to have fun!

Let's do things at night and stop sitting alone and binge watching Netflix!
This group is for everyone who works 3rd shift, night shift, can't sleep at night, or just like to stay up very late. Just because the sun isn't out and some places are closed, doesn't mean we can't leave our caves! It's hard making friends when everyone else has a normal circadian rhythm (losers). Let's go out and howl at the moon!

Some ideas for future meetups would be eating at late night restaurants and diners, staying in a bar until closing time, game or trivia nights, potlucks, long walks (buddy system!), night hikes, comedy shows, paint/art nights, going to the late showing of movies, and raiding 24 hour stores.

Our meetups will be held between 9pm and 4am, you know, when we function at our best. Let's get out and live our lives during the cloak of night!

(The group says NN, because that’s where I personally live, but meetups will be held on both the peninsula and southside!)

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