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Oneness Blessing and Meditation @ Wells
Join Suzan Iscil as she leads a wonderful chakra meditation followed by a Oneness Blessing. The Oneness Blessing is a transfer of divine, intelligent energy. The Oneness blessing process works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain and awakening the energy centers (Chakras) in the body. This shift in consciousness frees you from the suffering created by the mind, balances the body’s natural healthy and healing energies and attunes the brain with the fields of unity, bringing an end to the illusion of “apparent separation”. Once initiated, it is a gradual Awakening process that leads you naturally to a lasting state of Oneness, Inner peace, and Well-being. suggested love donation $10 is appreciated, but no one is turned away

Wells Therapeutics, Inc.

319 Edwin Dr., Ste. 101 · Virginia Beach, VA

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Oneness Blessings are open to anyone who shares an interest in their spiritual growth, universal love & meditation. We created this group to communicate Oneness Blessing Meditations, Events and courses in the Hampton Roads area, as well as sharing experiences and questions we might have as we continue our Spiritual journey. We practice Love and Oneness as we support each other to raise our consciousness and deepen our relationship with our personal Divine through chakra meditation and Deeksha. What is Oneness & Deeksha? Oneness is a world changing phenomenon that is helping people of all faiths and paths move into higher states of consciousness. Deeksha (also called Oneness Blessing) starts a profound process of spiritual awakening in a person. Its an energy transfer that works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain, awakening the energy centers in the body and raising Kundalini energy. This creates a gradual shift in consciousness, freeing you from the suffering created by the mind, thus heightening your life experience. Balances the body's natural healing energies and attuning the brain to higher levels of awareness. Brings clarity of perception accompanied by feelings of joy, inner peace and connection. Deeksha does not belong to any religion or belief. It is a universal energy that can be received by anyone. No special teachings are required or needed. All you need do is to be open to receiving.

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