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Hands of Gold Healing Clinic Meetup

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We have been gathering every 2nd and 4th Tuesday for over seven years. Come give or receive healing. Please drop in between 7:30 and 8:30 to receive healing. If you are coming as a healer, please try to show up at 7pm so we can meet you, ground and get organized, but you are welcome to show up any time during the evening.

We typically have around 10-20 people coming in to give and receive healing. We work on ourselves when it is slow. Additional healers are always welcome as well. Most of the attendees are not currently on meetup, so you can't tell the size or a particular meetup from here.

The clinic operates strictly by donation to the Songbird Community Healing Center. Any donation of any type that you can give is welcome (suggested donation for non-healers is $10-$40). Nobody is ever turned away.

Each evening is different depending on who shows up. When there are only a few people, we are very loose with the structure. When we are busier, we have more structured 15-20 minute sessions that start and end around the same time. Lately we have been busy with around 15-20 people total.

All donations go to the Songbird Center to help fund affordable classes and services.

The healers at the Clinic will vary each week. Some of the regular healers include:

--Jeffrey Edelheit: sound healing with bowls, gongs and more

--Jabali, ZeroPoint Energy Balancing, Amazon Herbs

--Melody Myrick: Reiki

--Oksana Yufa: Craniosacral

--Sybil Harmony: readings and healing

--Me/Jasmine Gold: Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and other types of energy healing.

Some of the modalities we sometimes have include:

* Breathwork
* Chakra/Energy Clearing and Balancing
* Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
* Emotional Healing/Release
* Gentle Wind Project
* Intuitive Healing & Counseling
* Massage
* Polarity
* Readings
* Reiki
* Sound
* Tarot
* ThetaHealing®
* much more

-- This is a community where you can explore different healing
modalities and find the healers and modalities that resonate with you.
-- This is a community where you can experience professional energy
healing, regardless of your financial means.
-- This is a community where you can work individually with one healer
or with the increased energy of multiple healers at one time.
-- This is a community where beginning and experienced healers can
network to learn and discover each other's unique healing gifts.
-- Please note that all healers will be working out of one room which
limits privacy. We are not medical doctors and our clinic is not
intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or