4 Classes Starting Sunday January 22 in Newton NJ

Hands on Photography Workshop
Hands on Photography Workshop
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145 Spring St · Newton , NJ

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Photo Classes

We've been asked to expand our base level Workshop, into a 4 week series of classes, still totally hands-on, 2 hours each. The dates will be Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5, and Feb 12. Snow date will be Feb 19. 1pm to 3pm.

Hosted by ArtEtc in Newton NJ. A new, VERY photography friendly Gallery, (where you can also have World Class Archival mounting and framing done for you - or just pick up the best supplies you can get anywhere at REALLY good prices.)

We will cover IN DETAIL:

(1) Why you camera acts the way it does.

Exposure Compensation; what under and over exposed images look like, and how to adjust on your camera.

How to "bracket" your exposures, and why. In-class exercises with your camera, so you can understand and remember how to do this.

(2) Aperture. What it controls. What Depth of Focus means, and how you can use it to make outstanding photos. In-class exercises on your camera, showing how to control the location and depth of sharpness in your shots. How to apply this to landscapes, still life and portraits.

(3) Shutter Speed. How it controls your subject's motion. The 3 methods of illustrating motion - and how to do this on your own camera, in-class. How to "Stop Motion" with a fast shutter speed. How to "Pan" your camera to show the subject sharp against a blurred background. How to "Imply" motion with a slow shutter speed - think those silky waterfall photos.

(4) We start by taking a short walk-about, weather permitting, to practice one more time what we've learned. Then we bring it all together in a "Class Finals" slide show and commentary. We've found from years of running Camera Club critiques, that viewing other photographer's work, asking questions, and listening to comments is a great way to reinforce what you're learning. We repeat any steps that may need additional reinforcement. Then we take you through the steps we use to edit and process the shots, in very simplified methodologies, on affordable software.

The 4 classes are designed to help you understand and REMEMBER how to use your camera to make YOUR photos look great.

The fee for the 4 Hands on Photography Workshop classes is $135. Here's the link to the ART ETC Gallery, they're handling the payments. Please join the Meetup here, AND complete the payment portion with ArtEtc. You need BOTH to complete the registration, ok? Here's their link:

ArtEtc Workshops page (http://www.artetcnj.com/workshops)