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Need a new way to create Cash Flow?Are you tired of living Paycheck to Paycheck? In order to get out of the rat race, we must be financially literate. Ironically, financial literacy is not even taught in schools, that’s why many of us – including the “highly-educated” ones – actually know very little about money. The problem is further compounded by financial miseducation. How many of us are taught to study well and go to college, get a JOB and exchange our time for money, save our money, don’t invest because it’s risky, just buy a house and pay the mortgage for the rest of our life? The fact is that many people who followed this formula are now people in their 60s-70s who are struggling because their pensions or savings are barely enough to provide for their basic needs. Meanwhile, there is a growing number of billionaires/millionaires age between 20s-40s precisely because they did NOT follow the prescribed formula. I know finance can be the most boring subject in the world, but luckily for us, we can learn this via the Cashflow® 101 board game.

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