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Water FUN - Canoeing Then Picnic!!!


The Canoe Trip is a Sierra Club Event...

Lets have some Summer FUN ...

Nissequogue River Canoe Trip!!!

Lets Mingle... REBOOT Brain ...

Melt away the STRESS!!!

Easy paddle, Shallow Water...

Be Creative... you are encouraged to bring your water toys, water guns, water pistols etc

Pack a Sandwich or a snack for the Canoe... we plan to stop half-way along the river, take a food break and chill and enjoy the view. We are allowed to take a small cooler on the canoe as well.

Please wear water shoes or sandals with straps. So you have the option to walk or jump in the water.

Be prepared to get wet... :-)

COST = Around $20 per person*

However it does vary depending on how many people are in your canoe

Please BRING CASH !!! They don't take credit Cards!

* Based on 3 persons per canoe

=== > The PLAN < ===

1. We get together & Mingle @ Paul T Given Park

2. They transport us to the Mouth of the River

3. Canoe for 3 hours

4. Check out the Waterfall!!!

5. Then Picnic


Bring Granola bars, bananas, water (on the Canoe)

Bring Chair/Mat Cooler, Food (for the PICNIC)

Bug Spray / Sunblock / Extra Clothing (if you plan to have fun and get wet)

Suggested to Wear Water Shoes or Sandals with Straps

Please Don't Forget The Positive MOOD, a FUN Attitude and your Camera!


Paul T Given County Park, Smithtown, NY

Please use the following link for directions...,+Smithtown,+NY


After the Trip, you can Optionally Join us for...

PICNIC by the Water!

We go back to the car to bring FOOD/chair/cooler

This is posted on Multiple Meetup Groups !

Please CHECK THIS PAGE FOR UPDATES before departing...


This is an event organized for our friends to get together and socialize. We are not professional hikers or professional organizers. You are welcome to join us but before you attend you must familiarize yourself with the risks associated with this type of activity.

All Attendees required to sign Liability Waiver

Hiking or outdoor activities have inherent risks. Your participation in our hikes or other events could be dangerous and can result in serious injury, medical emergency, even death. It is your responsibility to learn the trails and to follow the group so you do not get detached from the group. Make yourself aware of your surroundings and trail conditions at all times. You agree to participate in these events completely at your own risk and to take full responsibility for your own safety and well being, including those of your guests. You agree not to hold the Organizer, Co-Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Organizer, Event Hosts, Hike Leader or any other members responsible for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at a planned event. Your attendance at the event signifies that you have read and accept the terms of this liability waiver.