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How To Make Someone Feel Comfortable With You
You know how sometimes you try to talk to someone? And you try your best to connect but your conversation seems to stay on the surface. The person just doesn’t open up to you no matter how hard you try. Why? How can you deepen your conversations? How do you make someone feel comfortable enough to share with you? You meet many people in your life. Your colleagues, your friends, your family, even strangers on the streets. Imagine if you can build trust and connect more deeply with everyone. Whether they are strangers or old friends, you can strike up meaningful conversations wherever you go. How would you like that for yourself? With this 3-hour interactive workshop with a Certified Life Coach, you get to learn: How to start your conversation How to deepen your conversation even though you’ve just met How to make someone feel comfortable to share What you will learn are proven techniques to communicate better, that have been tried on over 500 strangers on the streets. With these methods, people have gone from strangers to friends within 15 minutes. With these methods, we have gone from strangers to friends to feeling like old friends within 15mins. And here in this workshop, we would like to enable you to learn and practice what works, so that you too, can strike up meaningful conversations with anyone. 7 Benefits You Will Get from Joining the Workshop: (1) Tips on how to start conversations that apply across different conversation contexts. (2) Real life demonstrations of conversations. (3) Practical learning through hands-on exercises of having conversation with people (4) On-the-spot feedback from life coach (5) Worksheet to assist in you in reflecting and learning about your conversations even beyond the workshop (6) Peer learning with fellow participants. (7) Lifetime access to a community of like-minded people where you can continuously learn. If you want to make a personal difference in people’s lives, you are welcome to start with quality conversations that help you to really know them. Come join in this hands-on group workshop with frameworks, practical exercises and live demos for you! Join like-minded people and make new friends @ How to Make Someone Feel Comfortable with You Workshop: Date - 17 Nov, Saturday Time - 1:45PM - 5:30PM. Registration starts at 1.30 pm Venue - Tanjong Pagar, PS 100, 100 Peck Seah Street, #09-08, S[masked]) For you to have a better learning experience, seating is limited. Testimonials: Want to hear from our past participants and their experiences and results? Click the following link to find out more! You may ask any questions you have to the organizer, YanYi at[masked]. Register Now @ Copyright © Live Origo . 2018 . All rights reserved

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PS100 (Next to Oasia Hotel, 5 min from Tanjong Pagar MRT)

100 Peck Seah Street (PS100 Entrance), #09-08 · Singapore

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