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If you’re anything like me, we look at the world and wish some things were different, but often can’t see anything practical we can do.

As individuals, many of us are struggling with anxiety, depression and broken relationships. And as a society, we have seen declines in trust, values and social connectedness.

Like me, maybe you’ve wondered whether there are people out there who are either seeking happiness or looking to spread happiness in their community but often aren’t sure where to turn to.

This meetup is a chance to explore big questions, connect deeply with a like-minded community and experiment with actions out in the real world.

We reflect on what really matters in our lives and explores whether a greater focus on happiness and wellbeing might be better for all of us. Can happiness be thought of as the ultimate good for society?

I have set myself the task to really explore what matters for a happy and meaningful life. Together we’ll look at some of life's most important questions, like What really matters in life? What actually makes us happy? How should we treat others?

Key Benefits of Attending This Meetup:

+ Connect deeply with a like-minded community

+ Leave inspired with practical ideas to contribute to a happier world, not just for yourself, but for others around you and for society as a whole.

+ Increased levels of Life Satisfaction and mental wellbeing

+ The more regularly you come the more impact it will have on you. Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of inspiration, positivity, and empowerment!

Each month I will explore some great themes, ideas, and the latest research hopefully giving you a different perspective.

I truly believe everyone deserves the chance to be happier and help create a happier world

If this sounds like you, then please come along to my monthly workshops. Please be advised that spaces are often limited, so book straight away.

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12 Hammersmith Grove

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Happiness Heroes - What Actually Makes Us Happy?

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Happiness Heroes - Let's Explore What Really Matters In Life?

WeWork 131 Finsbury Pavement

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