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“I hold this Truth to be self-evident that, all Human being are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with the unalienable Rights of the pursuit of Happiness, free from exploiting, or being exploited by others.” Fabien W. Edjou

You were born alone and will die alone. Whatever happens between your birth and your death is your responsibility. The outside world was not created to adapt to us or to change for us. We are the ones in need for growth and change towards a noble version of ourselves. Thus, Happiness is a matter of choice.

Happiness flows from inside out, therefore anyone can access it anytime regardless of their life circumstances, rich, poor, young, old, or anything in between. The world needs each of our individual talent.

You probably feel stuck and entrapped by a society that seems to demand or only want to take more and more of the only valuable assets you came to life with: Your Time, Your Talent, and Your Freedom!

For those who are struggling to conform to the burden of expectations of social norms.

For those who simply don’t fit in, feel worthless, rejected, and must pretend just to try to belong.

For those who are tired of hiding behind social masks and avatars.

For those who are seeking greater meaning and purpose in life beyond materialism, sensuality, feasting, etc...

If you are experiencing hollowness in life, your inner voice is incessantly warning to change course, calling to immediately embark on a new and refreshing path, your time has come.​

The time has come to break free, connect to your inner true self, extract the sleeping, beautiful, and unique talent awaiting in your soul, to nurture it, let it blossom, and let it bring joy to you and many beyond your own imagination.

You too deserve to live a more meaningful, joyful, purposeful, and fulfilled life. Let the new and real you shine, glow, and wonder in this beautiful Creation of God. Delight in what it has to offer. You too have the right to Freedom and Happiness.


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