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Welcome to the community of individuals who are aspiring to find inner peace and happiness.

We can choose to be happy whenever we want, regardless of our external circumstances and our personal challenges.

We often look for happiness in a future event. For instance we think we will be happy when we achieve a certain goal - when we have the ideal relationship, when we make the perfect career progression or when we have material prosperity. Sometimes, we also look for happiness in experiences like travelling or adrenalin pumping adventures. Often, when we do reach our goals or have the desired experiences, we experience a temporary sense of happiness but this feeling is fleeting. The more we try to hold on to it, the quicker it seems to slip through our grasp.

Lasting happiness lies within. It is already in us; we only need to know how to tap in our own essence. There is a place inside us where we have everything - peace, silence, safety and love. If we only allow ourselves and if we give ourselves the permission, we can experience our inner happiness at any point in time.

There are many ways of connecting with our own deep silence and happiness. Through our meetups, we will explore different pathways to our inner happiness. We will seek to improve the quality of our life, our mental health and our general well being and to develop inner peace, compassion, and wisdom.

This group seeks to connect like minded people. Everyone is a teacher and a student in the school of life. There are no 'right' or 'wrong' opinions. I invite you to embark on a meaningful journey of discovery together.

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