What we're about

We welcome those who practice and/or want to learn more about Yoga, Meditation & Breathing techniques to reduce stress, enhance the quality of life and find the inner happiness we all seek for.

We offer FREE introductory sessions on the programs that teach Yoga, Meditation and Breathing based techniques to reduce stress, detoxify the body, bring clarity of mind, emotional stability and nurture the spirit. The programs help one to uncover the strength, peace, and joy that lie at the core of every human being.

There is a charge to attend the programs and they are offered through the Art of Living Foundation. By nurturing the spirit and compassion of every individual, the Foundation seeks to help build a global society that is free of stress, violence, and misery - and full of service, wisdom, and celebration. At the heart of the Foundation's work are educational and humanitarian programs that uplift individuals, make a difference in local communities, and foster global change.

The Art of Living Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization in the U.S. since 1989. Accredited as a United Nations NGO in 1996, it is now one of the UN's largest volunteer-based NGO.

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