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This group is for happy couples who want to meet and socialize with other happy couples. At some point we (K.L. and Charlie) began to notice something strange about the social events we attended -- we were surrounded by single people. We both had a lot of single friends when we met. Now that we are in a long-term relationship, we think it will be great to get together with other couples. We will invite some of the happy couples we know. You do the same, and we will create a network of fun couples looking to socialize and make new friends.

Let's have some cocktail hours, dinners out, dinner parties in, small local theater outings, comedy club events, game nights, wine & beer tastings, bonfires, and more!

We will organize at least one social event each month, and any other couples in the group can host or organize their own events--only if they want to. Events can be so small they include just one other couple, or large enough to include everyone. We can cap each event at the number that fits, and the first couple(s) to sign up, get in. Let's agree to never host an event on the same day another person hosts an event. If you have kids, please leave them with a responsible adult (who is not you) for a little while and come out and make friends with us!

This group is for young people, ages 35 and up! :) All races and sexual-orientations are wanted. You can be married or just dating.

This is a judgment-free zone. However, this group is only for those in a happy, monogamous relationship. We want to create a social setting where it's safe and fun for men and women to meet each other and become friends in an environment that truly supports monogamous relationships.

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Taste 2017

Durham Armory

Brewgaloo 2017


Game Night

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Saturday Night Outside Cocktail Party!

The Station

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