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New Meetups Due to Start again in 2019!

'Where the mind goes the body follows' - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Formally called Happy Eating Meetups, Sweet Freedom Meetups offer a chance to learn and explore ways to have a happier relationship with food and live life at a naturally healthy weight. The meetups provide a opportunity to learn, question, explore, share and connect with others who also want to transform their relationship with food. Some may want to address weight issues that is fine, but this is not a slimming club. Needing or wanting to change your weight is not a prerequisite for attending, just knowing that you are not happy in your relationship with food is enough.

We often focus on what we eat or our weight, when the really these are just a symptoms and not the root of the problem. I take a different approach and presenting ideas that aim to help you relax without the aid of cheesecake! Ideas that aim to eliminate obsession, stress and forever yo-yo dieting. Ideas that brings together ancient wisdom, compassion and modern day experience.

During the meeting I will deliver a short Mind Fodder Presentation on a given topic and there is always time for Q&As, sharing, and a discussion. I can offer some practical Happy Eating Tips. And we will end the meeting with a guided meditation for those who want to stay.

Here is what some people said about the first round of meetups...

"A totally different way to think about how you look at what you eat. A relaxed session with lots of discussion by all attendees. Love the meditation. Really makes you think about yourself and Pema is a brilliant speaker who helps you to understand how you can help yourself. Thanks Pema x" Lesley L

"This is not just about food, it's so much more. It's about how we are conditioned to behave in certain ways, how powerful the mind is and how we all have the capacity to make changes to bring about the life we want. Pema is a natural teacher who helps us to look at different ways of thinking - not just about our relationship with food - but about ourselves. These meetings are full of warmth and offer a safe place to air what is on your mind and to find helpful ideas to help you feel better about yourself." Philipa R

"Pema is friendly, easy to talk to, and has no judgement towards anybody else. If you want to establish a healthy relationship food with this is the only place to do it." Becki J

"It is very thought provoking. I expected it to be all about food but what is different is that Pema gets you to think about what makes you eat. What's behind it. We still get opportunities to explore the eating itself, but alongside there are always things to discover about behaviours and thought patterns. We've had 4 sessions now and I still feel we have only scratched the surface and there is a lot more to learn." Carol C

"These meetings are such an eye-opener. Pema is very warm and approachable. After tea or coffee and a chat on arrival, the short, guided meditations are so relaxing. The meetings are focused but flexible, encouraging those attending to assess their own past and present attitudes to food, in a totally supportive, non-judgemental way. It’s impossible to leave these meetings without feeling uplifted and optimistic. If you can, I strongly recommend going to these meetings: if not, access the virtual meetings, you’ll be so glad you did." Sharon B

NB - This is not a slimming club or a therapy group. No weigh ins, diets or compulsory need to share your personal story. It is not a religious group, I am a Buddhist but you don't have to be - everyone is welcome! I do talk about mindfulness, there is a meditation and I do share insights and lots of interesting stuff I have found useful from all manner of sources.

Arrive early to register and have a cuppa. Please bring a note pad and pen.

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