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We are a growing in-person and online global community of 18,000+ women entrepreneurs, passionate about leading happier, healthier and more successful lives. Here, you'll find events, memberships and programs that provide opportunities for women entrepreneurs to grow personally and professionally, and promote their business while being surrounded by like-minded women. For us, happiness, health and success make up one full circle.

This is a branch of Happy Healthy Women Inc (http://www.happyhealthywomen.ca/). Take a look at how you can be part of our movement here: https://happyhealthywomen.ca/pages/join-us

Diversity & Inclusion: At Happy Healthy Women, we are committed to amplifying BIWOC voices, by diversifying our representation, membership and leadership. We stand in solidarity with the Black and Indigenous Communities. We have, and will continue to take steps to ensure our leaders are educated and create communities that continue to invite Black Women, Indigenous Women, and Women of Color to share their different lived experiences on our platform, so we can amplify their words, voices and stories.

This group is for:

• Women who have a keen interest in living a life full of vibrant health, joy and abundance.

• Women Entrepreneurs who serve others in the areas of happiness, health and success.

• Dreamers, Doers, Achievers, and those who want to GROW personally and professionally with us.

• Women who are trying to navigate a shift in their lives towards greater happiness and health.

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Upcoming events (5)

Authentically Connecting for Entrepreneurs - Coquitlam

Online event


If you are a doer, dreamer and running your own business, this MeetUp is for you. Some of the most heartfelt and inspiring connections are made in our Happy Healthy Women (http://www.happyhealthywomen.ca) gatherings. We believe in cultivating these dynamic connections by creating a container that holds space for sharing about your business, supporting others with theirs, and being inspired by other like-minded women. Our authentically connecting for entrepreneurs is aimed to awaken and inspire all that is already present within you! Here is our agenda for the 2 hours. Please be prepared to be present for the full 2 hours and on camera so you get the most out of this networking event. 1. Introductions - 1 min per person so come prepared to share in a 1 min. 2. Update on Goals shared from previous month - share your success and learnings with us. 3. Topic of Focus - 45 mins 4. Sistermind round table. Each women gets 3 mins on their business. You can ask the group of something; you can share a challenge you are having with your business and want help on; you can just share. Up to you and you have 3 mins and you will be asked to participate. 5. Update on HHW events 6. Closing So, join us, have a coffee, bring your pen and paper and be prepared to share your dreams and goals with us! ;) See you online! Terri B

The Secret to all Good Relationships - Get coached with Heather L

💕The Secret to all Good Relationships💕 ...wouldn't you like to know what that is? Come to this meet up and hear what the secret is from life coach Heather London. Where do you fall when it comes to talking about relationships? - searching for the perfect relationship - stuck in a bad relationship - Keep attracting the same type of person - Want to improve your current relationship We will dig into all aspects of relationships - who, why, how - all the juicy stuff. Come with your relationship questions and leave with answers!! There will be 30-40 min allotted to be coached on your relationship issues by Heather live on the call!! See you there Heather L About the presenter: Heather’s passion is to help people get out of their own way by identifying and CRUSHING old limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck. She’s a life coach, mindset mentor, energy healer, shamanic healing practitioner, holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping people breakthrough their blocks so they can ignite their Passion & Purpose and live their best life! Heather has a passion for what’s possible and lives by the motto that our thoughts create our results and she truly believes anything is possible. Give her your time and she will show you your mind. To learn more about Heather visit www.heatherlondon.ca

How to Feel Worthy of Receive More Joy + Wealth with Vanessa L

Online event


As women, we weren’t taught how to receive. Society teaches us that our role is to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE. In order to give abundantly, we must first recognize our ability to receive abundantly. Having the Giver’s mindset without the Receiver’s mindset causes us to feel constantly exhausted and drained of energy which then turns into self-neglect, frustration and disappointment. Questioning your worthiness is one of the biggest blocks when it comes to experiencing more joy in life. It is also one of the top reasons why you are not increasing your revenue and making more money doing what you love. “I am not worthy.” “I am not good enough.” “I don’t deserve it.” We know that these beliefs don’t serve us and yet we consistently fall victim to them and deny ourselves from what it is that we truly want. . . . more joy day-to-day . . . . . . more time for self-care . . . . . . more financial stability . . . . . . more inner peace and freedom. . . Feel worthy . . . just because. Period. Your worthiness does not require proof or justification. Be an amazing giver and a RECEIVER. Be grateful for what you have and HAVE MORE of what you want. Say YES to YOU. Stop questioning your worthiness. Start enjoying your life and business. So before you spend any more time, money and energy trying to prove your value and worth, allow me to show you the truth about your worthiness. In this workshop, you will learn: Why it’s difficult to receive more and how to hack the brain to have more joy and wealth in life and business. The top 3 identities that are keeping you in the self-sabotage cycle. Why doing “all the right things” to feel worthy is holding you back from your success. How to stop killing your joy with “shoulds”, and actually follow-through on what you want. How to master your fears and express your truth to others about what you want. And more . . . If you are ready to stop denying yourself of what you want, follow-through on what you say you will do and make more money doing what you love, sign up for this workshop now. More joy and wealth is waiting for you. XO Vanessa Leung . . . . . . . . . ABOUT YOUR COACH: Vanessa Leung is a Certified Life Coach specialized in helping heart-centered founders and leaders to let go of the people-pleasing perfectionism so they can live freely as their authentic self and double their business just for fun. Through her self-mastery method, Vanessa is able to help her clients get to the root cause of what is holding them back from their growth. Her clients learn to master their fear, doubts and frustrations, while learning to recognize their capacity to serve at their highest. In every 1-1 session, Vanessa’s clients uncover a deeper trust in themselves to follow-through on their word and make life-shifting decisions with confidence, self-compassion and grace. As a result, her clients get to experience a deeper connection and more joy and wealth in their life and business without the mind games and self-sabotage. There's only one skill you need to move forward with confidence. Are you ready to live freely as YOU? www.8020livingco.com

Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils with Kelly M

Online event


We all have moods: Good, bad, happy, sad .... but did you know that essential oils can help? Our moods affect us mentally, emotionally and even physically. As we are all in the situation where we are staying home, you may be finding you are having more mood swings than before. I will share how certain essential oils can help balance and promote overall well-being. Our Sleep may also be something that has been altered during this uncertain time! We all need it, however, it can be difficult to turn off our minds with what is happening. We all know why sleep is even more important now, more than ever, and I will share which essential oils may help you find a gentler way to fall asleep! Come spend a relaxing morning with some lovely ladies, learning how essential oils can help lift your spirits, enhance your relaxation and perhaps get some much needed relief right now. See you virtually; Kelly M.

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