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Come play paintball with your friends (great weather for it)
This is a joint event with 20's and 30's Meet Up, Charm City Social Club, and four others, so their should be lots of people to shoot. This is perfect time of the year to play paintball, so you won't sweat in all the layers you will need to wear. $20 – Fee includes: all day play and all day air (Compressed or CO2) This is a great way to unwind from a long work week and make new friends, and get back at your enemies. There are six different fields including the popular capture the castle scenario. We will have our own ref for the day, and we have a group discount that is posted below. So put on your balky old sweats and sweat shirt and come out and play an afternoon of paintball with friends. Please remember to wear long pants, and shirt, and bring a change of clothing so you don't get paint in your car. Paint will wash off of your clothing. Information on a carpool from Whitemarsh to follow. Doug

Robinhood Paintball

2429 Old Robinhood Road · Havre de Grace