What we're about

There isn't anything like relaxing at the end of the week with friends and just having a great get together.
We are a group of interesting men and woman, curious, attractive singles 50 and older looking to enjoy a Happy Hour at the end of the week along with cultural events ranging from the arts to perhaps self improvement. We do not say no to learning new things for when you say no, you do not learn anything new. We will offer thought provoking activities to expand your interests and help you form different views on many subjects.
We will be lighthearted and joyful and always happy to meet and greet new people. 
We are open to suggestions from our members along with their assistance in finding activities for our group. We can only succeed with the help of each other. Always open for another member to be a host for an activity that is of interest to them. 
You will have a 30 day free trial period and the end of the trial period if you decide not to become a paid member you will be removed.  
If a paid member is removed due to excessive "no shows" or due to behavior not in line with our values their yearly $12.00 membership will not be refunded. Hopefully this will never arise.  
It is our wish that you will join and be an active participating member. The more diverse we are the more interesting we will become. 
If a member is deemed not a good fit either by words or deeds they will automatically be removed and banned from the group.

Everyone has the 30 day free trial but payment will have to be made to me prior to the end of the 30 day trail because after that time period Meetup will automatically remove you and I will not be able to find you. Also, if you attend a function and then decide to attend a second function you will know by then if you care to join and payment will be expected.

Please make all future membership payments in the amount of $12.00 directly to me either with cash or check. Dealing with the company Meetup has chosen to oversee their payments is very frustrating. Just contact me via the group for my address. Thank you.

I hate to have to make all of these edicts, but since Meetup now is not easy to contact I have to as the organizer make it work best for me.  
Any question can be sent to me at: jillip44@yahoo.com
Thank you for you indulgence. Jill

REMEMBER ~ Every time you are wrong you have learned something new!

Upcoming events (4+)

🥂 🍕 Happy Hour @ Casa Mia on the Green 🍻🍔

Needs a location

We will be outside on the deck....weather permitting

Please try not to cancel last minute...I know things happen...

Hartford Greek Festival 2022

Needs a location

We will meet in the front of building. For those of you who work and can't get there for 5 p.m., we will be walking around so you will find us.

This year it will be fun to find space at the Taverna on the back patio.

We missed out during the pandemic so we are really looking forward to attending.

Delicious food, music, vendors and lots of gaiety.

Any questions: www.stgeorgecthedral.org or[masked]

Free Admission

Wood n Tap in Newington HH

Needs a location

Weather permitting, we will be under the tent. If the weather is not permitting we will be in the back room inside.

🍕🍔🍟🌭🍖 West Main Pizza 🍷🥂🍹🍺🍸

Needs a location

We will be in the bar area. Prices are very reasonable and we enjoy ourselves here. Very low key.

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