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Relational Chemistry ~Rebuild Your Relations~
• What we'll do Relational Chemistry ~Rebuild Your Relations~ Second Wednesday of each month 7:00pm-8:00pm What we do? 1. Recite the Dharma of the Right Mind* *The Dharma of the Right Mind is a sacred sutra that will lead you to true happiness. Through reciting this sutra, countless people around the world have experienced miracles such as recovering from cancer, achieving great success in business and resolving relationship issues. 2. Meditation on Becoming One with Nature 3. Meditation on Harmonizing Human Relationships Walk-ins are welcome! • What to bring • Important to know [Temple Location & Contact Info] Address: 1590 E Del Mar Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91106 Email: [masked] Tel:[masked] [About Happy Science] Happy Science is TRENDING! It is THE MOST popular non-denominational religious/spiritual organization founded in Japan which introduces innovative, creative and revolutionary thoughts. Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder and CEO, has written more than 2200 books, which enlighten individuals and society how to become happier and more prosperous from a spiritual perspective. For information of Okawa's books please visit: [What we are about] The doors of Happy Science are open to all. We offer a variety of programs and events, including self-exploration and self-growth programs, spiritual seminars, meditation and contemplation sessions, study groups, and book events. This group is an invitation to our FREE programs as an outreach to our community to spread awareness & happiness. They are designed to: ・Attain a peace of mind, decrease anxiety and stress, and feel positive ・Gain deeper insights and broader perspective on the world ・Learn how to overcome life's challenges ・Deepen your understanding of your purpose and meaning in life ・Improve your relationships and increase your capacity to love unconditionally ... and much more.

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