I'm on LinkedIn--Now What???

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5:30-6:30 Signup and networking
6:30-7:30 Interactive talk by Jason Alba
7:30-7:50 Announcements
7:50-8:30 Additional networking

NOTE: All attendees will be given a free copy of his book "I'm on LinkedIn---Now What???"!
ALSO NOTE: Jason is in town for the week and will speak on his new Facebook book (http://networkmarket.meetup.com/415/calendar/7235573/) on February 19th.


Join Jason Alba, author of "I'm on LinkedIn--Now What???" for an in-depth presentation of eight actionable things to do during 2008 with LinkedIn. Whether you only login to accept new connections or you use LinkedIn regularly, this presentation will help you understand where you should get value, where others are getting value, and how to put your best foot forward.

LinkedIn is the network of choice to find and nurture professional relationships online. With over seventeen million members, and considered a tool by business development professionals, recruiters, and others, it is definitely a tool that you should optimize. If nothing else, make sure you are passively optimizing your LinkedIn account. But you should take it further, and actively use various features to get more value out of it.

In this presentation Jason will share easy ideas that you can incorporate to increase your chances of being found and appeal to the person finding you, find what you are looking for, and enhance relationships with your contacts.

Join us and learn about how to make LinkedIn work for you. Read more about the book at: http://happyabout.info/linkedinhelp.php

Jason Alba is the career management evangelist. He got laid off in January 2006 (and still hasn't quite gotten over it). Even though he had great credentials and it was a job-seeker's market, Jason could hardly get a job interview. Finally he decided to step back and figure out the job search process and try to understand all of the available resources. Within a few months, he had designed a personal job search tool, JibberJobber.com, which helps professionals manage career and job search activities the same way a salesman manages prospects and customer data. Jason blogs at http://www.JibberJobber.com/blog , wrote "I'm on LinkedIn---Now What???" and is working on his second book "I'm on Facebook--Now What??? (http://happyabout.info/facebook.php)"