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Our world is full of solutions. Today, we have the means to provide every human being with clean water, healthy food, affordable medicine, proper education, and housing. We are capable of growing replaceable organs or turning landfills and deserts into fertile lands. We have the ability to turn work into productive play and we can use gamification to crowdsource political solutions to worldwide problems. We do not lack the means to change ourselves or our world.

The activation of human willpower is the only prerequisite to change. By giving more of our attention to great ideas, by contributing our time and energy to empowering solutions, by taking an active role in the evolution of humankind, we can change anything.

Happy For A Change wants to encourage the average person to get involved. There are so many people working tirelessly to make the world a better place. By joining this movement, and adding to our numbers, you become a part of an influential audience that can help apply those ideas and solution to the challenges we face.

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Peter Hartman | Motivational Consultant, Speaker & Organizer

Peter Hartman is a speaker, consultant, and teacher who enjoys a life of personal empowerment development. Using positive thinking principles, he shares common sense approaches to creating prosperity for individuals, collectives, and organizations. For more than 7 years, he has encouraged audiences to redefine their assumptions about how life should be.

Drawing from science, philosophy, and spirituality, he aims to be a catalyst to powerful yet simple understanding.

peterpaulahartman.com (http://peterpaulahartman.com/)


The Happy For a Change Pledge (Optional)

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Share solutions

I pledge to share great ideas that move me on my social networks, in conversation with my friends and family, and with new acquaintances if the opportunity presents itself.

Give to great ideas

I pledge to contribute to great ideas by volunteering, donating at least 1$ to a crowdfunding project or interacting with ideas on social networks (e.g. liking a Facebook page, retweeting on Twitter, +1 on Google +, etc.)

Be counted

I pledge to remain an active member of HappyForAChange.com by giving my attention to at least one idea shared by the site (e.g. sharing an article, watching a video, commenting, interacting on social media, etc.)

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