What we're about

Welcome to London's "THE" most funny walking social group for people who seek an active life style in a balanced way. We are not the usual boring walkers , We are indeed completely different :-) . Read our walk reviews to know more.
Our walks are moderately paced and usually around 10 miles.

Our walks are social oriented and usually start with self introduction including your favorite action like a dance move. so come prepared :-)

Our walks take place in beautiful countryside areas surrounding London such as the Chiltern hills, accessible by trains .

We are a friendly & considerate bunch and we wait for slower walkers in path junctions.

We encourage people to enjoy the scenery and be mindful.

We are supportive of new people to get into outdoors and hiking. We adjust to your pace , rather than pushing you to go faster.

We are curious bunch of pretty relaxed walkers who like to know more about the history , flora and fauna etc .

We will stop often , read the plaques and nameplates.

Take pub/tea stops often.

Walking for us is not a race but an opportunity to relax from fast paced modern life.

Trivia : James Fuller Fixx inventor of modern jogging died at 52 due to heart attack. ( Many scientific studies suggest that moderate exercise is best for you compared to excessive or no exercise )

We believe that mind and body are connected to each other and the importance of a healthy mind. So We encourage spiritual activities beneficial to mind such as Meditation, Yoga, Qigong , Tai chi & Mindfulness etc.


This group is not suitable for fast paced walkers or anyone who takes walking as a challenge.

By agreeing to join this Group / Walking Club , you are agreeing to the below
Our events are just gatherings of like-minded people and our walks are of self guided nature. There is no business or commercial interest behind us and our events are purely based on hobby. Each participant is responsible for their own safety. Hiking and hill walking and all other activities we organize are activities with a danger of personal injury. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

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