What we're about

Let's get together and share notes on how we find joy in life.

Maybe you stay inspired by traveling the world. Maybe you find joy in growing your own food. Some of you might have a creative artistic outlet.

This group is a little spiritual + travel + good food + exciting business ideas. If you have something in your life that gives you energy and a positive outlook, you can join 😀

We can share notes and learn new ways to find joy and improve our lives in some way.

This is a group for someone who does not want to complain and does not enjoy putting others down. This is for happy people who like to HELP others 😀

This is a group for people that seek joy in life above all else (or want to get better at it).

We can have events for sharing your favorite books, sharing notes on travel destinations, reviewing our favorite farm-to-table restaurants, sharing personal tips on finding true peace 😀

Whatever brings real joy, we can bring it here to share. I want friends that are around my age, so this is a group for people aged 18-45. I am 38 and mostly hang out with 20-39 year olds. Please do not apply if you are over 45. Thanks :)

No politics please.

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Hiking at the Arboretum

Nichols Arboretum


Bald Mountain State Recreation Area

Upbeat Coffee Break

The Songbird Baking Company

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