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The party that started off this whole Women's Wisdom Community thing in 2007 still goes strong every year! The annual Vision Board Party is a huge, creative, fun, powerful, messy, FEST OF POSITIVITY! Every hour on the hour we circle up for a speed affirmation circle that will give you goose bumps as the energy boost surges through you! This year we need to find a new venue. Do you have room for 25-50 women? We mostly sit on the floor, and I have some tables and chairs to bring if needed. We promise to clean up our mess before we leave and leave your place spic and span! :~)

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a conglomeration of pictures and words expressing your life's dreams and desires. Health, goals, romance, motivation, travel: whatever you want to experience goes on your vision board so you can see it every day throughout the year and it can inspire and uplift you! Start saving your magazines NOW because we need hundreds of them to make this work.

Bring these Supplies:


A large envelope


Exacto knife

Glue stick

Entrance fee:

A stack of magazines & a yummy treat to share.

I supply 1 box of red and 1 box of white wine = 32 glasses, (which are actually really tasty wines so don't front) tea, & water. I will also supply the boards.

Bring your fun self to this unforgettable event and make 2014 Fantabulous! Show up anytime throughout the day whenever you can, and feel free to bring friends - they must "pay" their own way with magazines and treats!

With love and excitement,



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