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Successful Design through clean intention

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For HF10 we’ll be looking at how “good design” can benefit from maintaining focus, keeping core features in mind and approaching projects with a less is more attitude.

Successful Design through clean intention by George Papanikolaou (

Greece: The new elected left-wing government opposes a lot of the German Austerity measures; a set of rules Greece has to live by. This resolved into a spiral of people uprising and never seen before political situations. Many miles away, in an apartment in Hong Kong, George Papanikolaou, a half-Greek and half-German web developer with a server lying around decides to have some fun over the weekend. He creats a so called Random-Austerity-Measure-Generator ( An online app that let's you generate your own random austerity measures. The app went super viral counting[masked] unique visits in two days and mentioned in the media across the globe and even making it to Silicon Valley's media. In our meetup he will talk about:
- What was the key element in the design and the user interface that helped this app go viral?
- What are the lessons that a web developer/designer can learn from this?
- Who are we building for?

George Papanikolaou ( is a multidimensional media developer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a weird sense of humour. He went viral many times through his multiple projects that he created over the years. He is a media expert and can handle multiple platforms and technologies from photography, video, down to coding. He is multi-talented fellow that is heavily involved into the startup scene and always looking around for the next exciting thing to do.

Your webperf is poo by Holger Bartel

Holger Bartel will give you tips and tricks to improve the page speed of your website.

Holger is a web designer- and developer and he is also co-organizing this Meetup.