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One more Harbour Front this year before we take a short Christmas and New Years break. And we are going out with a bang! 💥 We are always happy when friends come to visit us, but we are even happier when they want to do a talk at Harbour Front, especially when they are experts in a very interesting topic. This time: Jeroen Visser ( about Web Typography.

For a long time web designers and developers could only use the standard webfonts on the web. We were stuck with Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman.

But luckily the web has caught up. Browsers can any render any type of webfont, screens became retina. The trend of sticking a lot of widgets all over the place are over. The focus is back on where it belongs, the text: News articles, manuals and blogposts.

Good web typography comes from a heritage
Graphic design and typography are twins when it comes to webdesign. You rarely encounter just one of them, and when you do, you unconsciously still think of the other. Good typography started with print and book design - and interestingly most of these rules still apply now - even on the web. The question is how to divide your attention between graphic design and typography - and how does it relate to their heritage of book design?

As a result some websites mainly exist of web typography. Some pages are a feast for the eye. Jeroen will show what makes them good, and what can you learn from them. He will focus on the core values of web typography and how can you use them in your daily (work) life.


Jeroen ( runs his one man studio for interaction and graphic design in The Netherlands. He has given workshops about typography and web & organised a ‘typography walk’ through the streets of Amsterdam (and is a regular know-it-all about anything typography related). When is he not helping others he is working on websites for Dutch government, profit- and non-profit organisations.