Designing the Exit Experience


We have another great Harbour Front event lined up for this summer. At the last meetup Ada Yuen told us everything about the Onboarding Experience, this time YuShing Sit is going to tell us all about the Exit Experience. Join us on June 6 at the Hive for a great talk and meeting other web enthusiasts.

This meetup is free! 💸


We are very happy to have Adobe ( as our supporter. They will be sponsoring some very tasty sandwiches and salad from Knead ( 🥙

Adobe will also do a short demo of Adobe Experience Design (XD); their design and prototyping app:

If you’ve never worked with Adobe XD so far, now you can see how it works and of course ask them all your questions, too.


Talk 🎙

Wheter the iPhone, Netflix or any other product or service you might be using, and irregardless of that being the most famous one, it’s a reality that your customers will leave your service– one day.

It is almost inevitable for your users to go through some sort of "Exit Experience". But rarely do we give it enough attention compared to other parts of the customer experience.

But why? What if the “Exit Experience" is another opportunity to spawn a new relationship for sustainable business benefits? Learn where to start optimising your ”Exit Experience” at this Harbour Front meetup.

Bio 🤵

YuShing is an experience design professional in Hong Kong, researching and creating delightful digital as well as non-digital experience across Asia for several years after earning his Master Degree in Communication Design in Australia.