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Our speakers this month are Jeremy Conrad (Lemnos Labs, San Francisco), Kegan Schouwenburg (Sols, NYC), Jon Bruner (O'Reilly, NYC), Alexandros Marinos (, United Kingdom) and Alex Yancher (Pantry Labs, San Francisco).

Some of the talks promise to be very educational in content. Jeremy will talk about MVPs; Kegan will focus on iterative/rapid development with 3D printing and generative design.

We're also happy to announce that Kate Drane, Hardware Lead at IndieGogo, will run informal "office hours" at the event, and will walk us through some best practices at the beginning of the event.

Our speakers:

Jeremy Conrad, Lemnos Labs. Jeremy is the founding partner of Lemnos Labs, a hardware incubator based in San Francisco, which provides mentorship and resources to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things. Lemnos has incubated early leaders in the space such as Airware, Sproutling and Momentum.

Kegan Schouwenburg, Sols. Kegan is the co-founder and CEO of Sols, a startup that will mass produce 3D printed orthotics. They are are developing all-in-one process to prescribe, generate and sell corrective orthoses at a fraction of the price and lead time currently available. Kegan was formerly Director of Industrial Engineering and Operations at Shapeways.

Jon Bruner, O'Reilly. Jon is a data journalist at O'Reilly and authored "The Industrial Internet". He is also the co-chair of O'Reilly's upcoming hardware conference, Solid. Before coming to O'Reilly, where he is editor-at-large, he was data editor at Forbes Magazine.

Alexandros Marinos, are working to make physical-world programming as easy as web programming is today. They believe the value of the "Internet of Things" will be captured by startups, like the value of the internet itself was captured by startups and not established players. So they want to be the infrastructure that allows entrepreneurial hackers to get going fast and scale up as they need to. This means working with well-known tools, languages, devices, and workflows, instead of reinventing the wheel. So we're focusing on JavaScript, Git, the Raspberry Pi, and Docker to begin with.

Alex Yancher, Pantry Labs. Alex is the co-founder of Pantry Labs: "We wanted to bring fresh and healthy food and drinks to offices so we built a technology that allows us to do that at scale: Pantry. Pantry is an RFID enabled and touchpad-controlled refrigerated kiosk that is open 24-7. Our proprietary RFID technology creates an efficient inventory management system that informs us whenever a product has been purchased from the kiosk – this allows us to have a hyper-efficient servicing of kiosks. This technology also creates an amazing user experience that involves simply the swipe of a credit card – no self-checkout, no pressing buttons – just open the glass door and take what you’re craving."