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Harmonic Alignment - a monthly sound meditation with Yarah Formation guided by the unique sound wave forms of Pyradym.

One of only 35 in the world today Pyradym is a Chakra Aligned Analogue Sound Generator designed to stimulate and facilitate the body's innate self healing mechanisms.

In addition to its ability to shift blockages from within our energetic field, Pyradym is also a powerful amplifier of intention and a useful tool in the creative manifestation process .

Promoting whole brain integration this 70 minute sound meditation prolongs the brain states of Delta/ Theta, which are the most conducive to meditation and healing. This integration aspect can help to stimulate the neurological structure of the brain which can facilitate better cognitive reasoning, more efficient learning skills and better motor co-ordination.

For those wishing to practice meditation but unable to still the mind chatter Pyradym is a valuable asset as it helps in the quietening of the mind, enabling you to travel past distraction and reach deeper into yourself.

Every session is unique unto itself and Pyradym always goes where it needs in order to leave you with an open heart and heightened sense of gratitude.

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