What we're about

Here's what i want to do in this meetup.

I want to listen to a few songs, choose one and pull apart the harmonies and sing them! First with the music, then maybe without. The purpose is to get better at hearing, singing and creating harmonies. My favorite music for this purpose is singer song writer, folk, and jazz/pop fusion - as in Lake Street Dive. I'm sure some rock could work too! If you have experience and capacity to hear harmonies and to harmonize some - that is ideal so we can help each other.

Please contact me right away if you are interested because i'm just putting this meetup up here for a month to start :)

About me:

For the LONGEST time i have wanted to harmonize with fellow human beings. I was actually in an acapella group in college and high school and also sang in choirs in high school. But as an adult i haven't found a little practice group yet (just need 1 other really!). So i'm starting it! Please come

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James Taylor, here we come!

Private Residence

Let's listen to a song and practice it's harmonies!!!

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