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Berkeley, CA

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Nov 29, 2013


Karen is a writer, blogger, photographer, and mixed media artist. Her influences range from native New Mexico roots to an evolving urban aesthetic. Find her at karenfayeth.com

Please tell me about your interests in photography....

My main focus is on my writing but through my blogging, I also like to have an image alongside the words. I wish to enhance my photography skills so my images tell better stories and the viewer is less distracted by technical aspects of the photo.

What is your level of experience as a photographer?

I have taken several classes, I have had photography in small shows, a photo was used on an MLB network show, but I have little post processing knowledge. I would say I'm an amateur but not a newbie.

Are there any specific topics or subjects in digital photography that you would like to see me present?

I want to find a way to strike that right balance in post processing. Willing suspension of disbelief is good. Pushing it toward just pure disbelief is not. I want to learn the tools and then find my zen.