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    Publishing veteran, lifelong photography enthusiast.
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    Love of photography, mountains and volunteering led me to facilitate the Night Photography class in the White Mtns of CA taught by Harold Davis (2011), starring bristlecones, the Milky Way & stars. Sponsored by the Pt. Reyes Nat'l Seashore Assoc.
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    I have a varied background in consulting, business operations and technology. I am an author of published articles on photography, and a workshop Facilitator for Point Reyes Field Institute and photographer/author Harold Davis.
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    Love the Night!
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    Great to see this group is around. Glad to join and learn more.
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    Master photographer Harold Davis is the bestselling author of many books about digital photography and Photoshop, including The Photoshop Darkroom series from Focal Press and the Creative Photography series from Wiley Publishing.