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Be your happiest, healthiest self! This group offers talks, workshops, inspiring documentaries and healthy food demonstrations.
Fancy sharing recipes? Create something tasty and come along to a plant based foods potluck party where you'll meet like- minded people and maybe make some new friends...
Want to learn new ways to stay well, slow down the aging process and increase your energy? Let's invite the experts to come and talk to us about their therapies and natural products. Feel good and be beautiful as nature intended.
There will also be social events eating in places that cook fresh food with love and respect our health as well as our tastebuds :-)
Let's not forget how our thoughts, attitudes and behavious impact on our health too. There will be plenty of events aimed at focusing on positivity, dreams and goals!
Be happy. Be healthy. Live a great life!

Past events (6)

Health and Healing Seminar

Cedar Court Hotel

"Heal Your Face"

St Roberts Centre

Simply Raw - Reversing diabetes with raw foods

St Roberts Centre

An introduction to raw foods

Needs a location


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