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Dinner & Game Night in Manchester CT

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Game night has been a fan favorite for the last few years. This is a fun way to break up the nights and to socialize with other hikers.

Please make your final RSVP changes 1 week before the event so we can plan properly! The establishment may insist I charge you all a non-refundable $10 up front to apply towards your meals as a way to cut down on the no-shows and last minute cancellations. If you cancel within 1 week you forfeit the $10 to the establishment (not to me). They are getting a bit peeved with the last minute dramatic reduction in RSVP's and its effect on reserving the space. For now, we are not doing this but unless I can calm things down and people make real commitments in their RSVP this may change.

We plan on having a majority of the dining room all to ourselves with the capacity of 50 guests, the larger sized tables, and the more open dining room atmosphere. This year we are not asking for a donation for facility costs or a pot-luck item. You will order what you would like to eat from the varied menu. Parking is sufficient at this plaza.

The event will start at 6:30 PM and we must be out by closing at 1 AM (yes, we can stay that late now as the bar area will be open). I've set a end time of 11:45 PM but others can stay later if you like.

6:30 PM - 7 PM Gathering, socializing, and drinks. 7 PM Dinner is planned to start so please chose your seat by then. There is some flexibility in when you order your meal so late arrivals could work out but please try to be there by 7 PM. 8:30 PM Checks for food are hoped to be paid for to free us to move around for game play. 11:00 PM Kitchen closes 11:45 PM Technical end of event 1:00 AM All must leave by closing


You can order your own meal or you can order together with your friends. Everyone will have separate checks unless you wish to combine with others. There will be a cash bar for sodas or alcoholic beverages.

The menu with prices: (

No outside food or drink is allowed by the restaurant.


Thank you, but no donations will be sought this year for the event. In previous years food was pot-luck and donations were sought to pay for the meeting hall.


Being a restaurant, the table space and layout is somewhat limiting for game play but we will try the best we can to make do. You can always stick to eating and socializing.

Some of the "house games" we have already (added a few new ones!):

* Barista
* Battle of the Sexes - Travel version
* Dixit
* Fact or Crap
* Imagin iff
* Jenga (well a knockoff version)
* Last Word
* Likewise
* Loaded Questions
* Picture Picture
* Rummikub
* Scrabble
* Sequence
* Wits & Wagers
* Worst Case Scenario
* Would You Rather
* Cards (for various card games)

We'd like to see someone bring these as well as anything else:

* Bolderdash
* Cranium
* Pictionary
* Bring any other game you might think 4 - 6 people at least could play at the same time. Team games would be great too.

If you RSVP "yes" and later can't go, please remember to change your RSVP so someone else can go.

WARNING: Anyone who does not show up for the event but had RSVP'ed they were going will be visibly "branded" for 4 months on the site as "Low Priority" and given low priority on events in those 4 months. "Low Priority" means that you will be put on waiting list for events and anyone else who wants to go will have a chance to get on first. Only if no additional people want to go will such people be allowed to go. Two people have been branded from not showing on the last event. There is an appeal process for the branding.

I apologize that we must take this unusual step but the dinner and game night event is usually full, we have to make accurate reservations at the restaurant, and a number of people still usually want to go but are blocked.

Approximate location directions (269 Middle Turnpike West, Manchester, CT):

The Stone and Paddle Italian Restaurant (860)[masked] (Manchester):