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Northwest Park in Windsor

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Northwest Park has nearly 10 miles of trails -- we'll do one of the loops of about 3 miles at a social (slow) pace and be out about 1.5 hours. More of a walk in the woods than a serious hike. A hike departure no later than 3:10

The walks here cover rolling trails, and most have water views. Check the trail map on their website if interested, .

Meet in the parking lot at 3:00. Kids and leashed dogs welcome.

Check back that morning to see if I have updated the plans based on weather or other factors.

Note about dogs: While this is a dog-friendly hike, the dog owners need to be responsible. Park rules require leashes. If you choose to break that rule and let your dog off the leash, please be sure it is okay with the other hikers (some of whom may not be dog people) and be sure you can control your dog when off leash. Finally, please be prepared and clean up after your dog when needed.

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